Lawyer Christopher von Preuschen

As a specialist lawyer for labor law and specialist lawyer for family law, continuous training is a matter of course for me in order to be able to represent the interests of our clients in the best possible way

I am at your disposal for the following topics:

Individual labor law:

Severance payments, warnings, unemployment benefits, industrial accidents, termination contracts, elaboration of remuneration models, time limits, advice and support in the event of company changes, operational dismissal, transfer of business, relocation, assertion of wage and salary payments, parental leave, dismissal protection procedures, bullying, personal dismissal, examination, structuring and negotiation of employment contracts, blocking time, vacation entitlements, behavior-related termination, certificate

Collective labor law:

Hearings in the event of dismissals, decision-making procedures, company changes, works constitution law, enforcement of rights of co-determination, conciliation procedure, reconciliation of interests, employee representation law, employee participation in the works council, employee representation participation, employee representation participation, participation in hiring, employee representation law, social plan, transfer

Family law
Adoption, contestation of paternity, advice before and after marriage, advice on unmarried cohabitation and registered partnership, advice and conclusion of marriage contracts, support, divorce, parental custody, inheritance law peculiarities between spouses, repatriations according to the HKÜ, regulations according to the Protection against Violence Act, maintenance, Asset disputes, pension adjustment, guardianship, gain

Legal advice in English

Being half British, Christopher von Preuschen is happy to advise you in English and to explain complex legal matters in a way you can easily understand.

He is a certified specialist lawyer (Fachanwalt) for labor law and family law and has a vast experience of 15 years in these fields.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a preliminary talk, which is free of charge, to ascertain whether we can help you and as to the costs involved.

Please turn to us for questions relating to:

Divorce and Separation (divorce and separation)
statutory pensions equilization
Child and spousal alimony (child maintenance, separation maintenance and post-marital maintenance)
Settlement / division of the matrimonial household (property dispute)
Visitation rights (access rights)
Determination of Paternity
Return after Child abduction under the Hague Convention

Termination of employment
Wage payment entitlement
Compensation settlements
Mutual termination of employment (termination agreement)
Holiday / Vacation entitlement
Bullying / bossing
Transfer and relocation
Working hours

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