Lawyer Nora Dimitrova, LL.M.

Looking for an experienced and committed lawyer in Varna, I am there for you in the event of legal problems and will work out quick and secure solutions for you. Let me help you in selected areas of law and advise you in 2 languages, including Bulgarian and English, in detail on your individual issues. Benefit from many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge and convince yourself of tailor-made, long-term successful solutions!
Employment Law

Labor law is made up of individual labor law and collective labor law. During the application process, future employees and employers have various rights and obligations, e. B. if the rejection of the application violated the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

As a lawyer, I also check the employment contract or the letter of termination for ineffective content and represent you if you want to take legal action. I also advise you on matters relating to the works council, collective bargaining agreements and the like.
civil right

In the field of civil law, I will answer your open questions on the subject of sales contracts, work contracts or consumer law. I will check your right to withdraw from the contract, represent you in the context of contesting sales contracts or support you in enforcing your warranty claims.
General contract law

Would you like to make your contracts legally secure and have individual contractual clauses reliably checked? As a contact person, I am at your side competently and reliably. Address your questions a.o. For the employment contract, purchase contract or contract for work, contact me directly or speak to me when it comes to guarantee and warranty as well as defects, rework, compensation or complete withdrawal from the contract: You have come to the right place.
Commercial & corporate law

As a lawyer specializing in commercial and corporate law, I dedicate myself to your concerns about setting up a company. I am happy to advise you on the choice of a legal form that is particularly suitable from a tax point of view, I will take over the preparation of the necessary contract documents and advise you comprehensively on liability risks to be avoided. Likewise, I will be at your side with pending transactions (e.g. share transfer, merger or liquidation) with legal advice and help you to prepare and process them in a legally secure manner.
Real estate law & real estate law

With the purchase of a property, whether developed or undeveloped, there are considerable obligations. As the owner, you are liable for disruptions caused by the property and for the fulfillment of any existing liens such as mortgages or easements such as rights of way. However, I not only give you sound advice on all aspects of property, but also stand by your side as a qualified contact person when it comes to real estate. As a buyer or seller, please contact me with confidence for all real estate transactions, contractual questions, matters relating to real estate financing and the associated security.
Civil procedural law

If you have civil law problems, you are at the right address in my office with your individual concerns. I have extensive experience in civil procedural law and can effectively represent you in proceedings before the competent court. Please contact me!
International business law

As a lawyer, with my law firm in Varna, I am exactly the right address for you, for example if you want to set up a branch abroad or need support with cross-border contracts. You can also contact me with your concerns about company acquisitions with a foreign connection and UN sales law – I will work out a legally secure, individual solution for you.

A call, an e-mail or a message using the contact form on the profile are sufficient to arrange an initial consultation appointment. In my legal tips, I would be happy to tell you what you can expect in a legal dispute and how best to behave. You can convince yourself of my experience under the menu item “Reviews”.


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