Lawyer Sergei Petrusenko

As a Ukrainian lawyer, Mr. Sergej Petrusenko and his international team in the law firm Ahrens & Schwarz, German Center, have been offering clients of different nationalities detailed legal advice and representation in Germany and the Ukraine for over 10 years
Mr. Sergei Petrusenko

The main practice areas are:
Family law

The law firm carries out divorce and maintenance suits in Ukraine as well as in Germany and represents clients in courts throughout Ukraine and in Germany. Marriage contracts are also part of the field of activity.

If German and Ukrainian partners want to marry each other, they have a lot of formalities to deal with. Mr. Petrusenko and his team will help you with the procurement, apostille and translation of the necessary documents, with the registration of the marriage in Germany or Ukraine, name changes due to marriages, with the subsequent visa procedure and with the organization of the language test.
Visa – Residence Permit / Aliens Law

If a visa or permanent residence permit is required for the Schengen area, be it for family reunification, to take up work, study or founding a company or for other purposes, Mr. Petrusenko can help you quickly, successfully and easily.

Mr. Petrusenko will also help you with visa refusals through the remonstration procedure or administrative action. We have unparalleled practical experience here for more than 14 years.

The law firm has placed particular emphasis on representing clients who are no longer able to enter the Schengen area due to violations of the law. The law firm specializes in the deletion and subsequent limitation of entry bans and other measures under immigration law.

Naturalization in Germany and the resignation of Ukrainian citizenship are also a constant field of activity of Mr. Petrusenko.

Expatriation and dismissals from Ukrainian citizenship will be greatly accelerated.
Right of residence in Ukraine

Mr. Petrusenko will also assist you in obtaining all types of residence permits and residence permits for foreigners in Ukraine.
Real estate law

Mr. Petrusenko is happy to assist you competently with the brokerage, selection and acquisition of real estate throughout Ukraine and accompanies your real estate purchase legally.
Corporate law

The company is an experienced point of contact for business start-ups for foreigners throughout Ukraine. Our clients primarily include small and medium-sized companies, but also private individuals whom we provide comprehensive support under tax, corporate and economic aspects.

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