Lawyer Steffen Küchler

Our task is not limited to the classic role of exclusively providing legal advice in individual cases. Rather, we respond to your wishes for support in your life and business situation. Close cooperation with notaries, tax consultants, experts and partner firms ensure professional processing. We put you in a position to decide on the right, economically sensible course of action on a legally sound basis.

Lawyer Steffen Küchler
Specialist lawyer for agricultural law


Agricultural law

Lawyer Steffen Küchler, specialist lawyer for agricultural law, has been advising and representing merchants, agricultural producers and trading companies for more than 15 years. He supports you in initiating business, draws up contracts and general terms and conditions. His particular focus is on avoiding potential controversy through clear contractual arrangements.

Any problems that arise will be resolved out of court if possible in your interest, taking economic relationships into account. Solution options for dispute resolution are developed and implemented together with you.

If judicial help is required to enforce your claims, your interests will be defended both before the chambers of civil and commerce (ordinary jurisdiction) and before the arbitral tribunals.

The constant tasks of Mr. Küchler include the examination of claims from contracts (contracts) which include the standard conditions in the German grain trade, the sampling regulations for grain and feed as well as the Hamburg feed closing certificates. In particular, the short deadlines stipulated in the standard terms and conditions in the German grain trade, which civil law does not recognize, require strict compliance by the contractual partners, as otherwise legal losses will result.

His legal work also extends to the assertion and, if necessary, enforcement of contractual and statutory liens, e.g. B. Fruit liens and claims from EU subsidies.

Mr. Küchler advises and supports you in the organization of employees and conducts training so that you and your employees can meet the special requirements.

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