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Welcome to lawyer Mag. Martin Schallhart from the law firm Schallhart & Wassermann!

Lawyer Schallhart offers competent legal assistance in the areas of law listed below and ensures that the rights of his clients are protected. One focus of his work is on sports law and legal issues. Legal advice in English is available upon request.

Sports law

In matters of sports law, attorney Schallhart advises athletes as well as coaches, clubs and managers on the drafting of contracts and provides expert representation in out-of-court as well as in-court disputes. He will be more than happy to help you with conflicts in connection with a climbing accident or a mountain accident.

Ski law / ski law

A large number of accidents occur in the leisure sector, some of which can result in serious injuries. Lawyer Schallhart deals, for example, with a skiing accident, a snowboarding accident or a tobogganing accident and has the necessary legal knowledge to clarify the responsibilities and to deal with the accident completely.

Compensation law & compensation for pain and suffering

Lawyer Schallhart deals with all legal questions relating to the issue of compensation. After accidents with personal injury and / or damage to property, he enforces existing claims for damages or claims for pain and suffering on behalf of those seeking legal advice or takes care of the defense against unjustified claims directed against his clients.

Traffic law

After a traffic accident, expert legal assistance is usually necessary, especially if those involved have suffered damage. Lawyer Schallhart is happy to take care of the accident claims settlement and take over negotiations with the other party involved in the accident as well as his liability insurance. Clients can also turn to him with confidence in the case of alleged traffic offenses.

Real estate law

In real estate law, attorney Schallhart helps with legal questions that come to light when purchasing real estate. He supports the purchase of a condominium or house purchase and also deals with the drafting or review of the corresponding sales contract. In addition, attorney Schallhart deals with all legal questions in the context of land registry processing.

Corporate law

Lawyer Schallhart deals with the formation of companies and supports clients in choosing the legal form. He helps with the drafting of the articles of association and is available to assist with conversions, questions of the articles of association and disputes between the individual shareholders.

Media law

Attorney Schallhart is also happy to answer all legal questions in connection with the topics of communication and information. He acts as a contact person for press law and the right of expression, e.g. B. in terms of verbal reporting and photo reporting, and also takes care of the protection of the personal rights of his clients.

Public transport / parking:

The office is located in Schalserstr. 12 in Jenbach in Austria.

Jenbach train station is within walking distance and offers connections to the S, S1 and S2 S-Bahn lines as well as various local and long-distance trains.

Parking spaces are available directly at the office.


Schalserstr. 12, 6200 Jenbach, Austria
+43 5244 61717

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