Martin Weinhardt, attorney at law

Martin Weinhardt, attorney at law
Your German lawyer in Salt Lake City
Criminal law

When you are accused of a crime, it is important that you understand your rights and use them properly. Do not give any information about the matter to the police or the public prosecutor, but use your right to remain silent and contact me immediately. I am at your side during a house search, arrest or pre-trial detention and, together with you, develop a tailor-made defense strategy for the preliminary investigation as well as for the successful outcome of the main trial.
Family law

Not every relationship and especially not every marriage ends in eternal happiness. Let me support you in the case of separation or divorce, especially if children have emerged from the marriage. Here it is important to find a sensible solution for dealing and custody as well as to calculate maintenance claims – also for spouses – and to assert them if necessary. Furthermore, I support you with the division of household items and asset disputes as well as the implementation of the pension and profit adjustment. Do not hesitate to contact me confidently in cases of domestic violence.
Inheritance law

Inheritance law for private individuals and companies alike is a focus of my legal work. I would be happy to take the time to talk to you about the design options for a will or contract of inheritance, the legal succession and the compulsory portion, which incidentally does not cease to apply in the event of disinheritance, as well as inheritance tax aspects. On the other hand, I help heirs with the handling of the inheritance as soon as this occurs, if necessary reconcile a quarreling community of heirs or assert claims for compulsory portion. Whether testator, heir, co-heir or person entitled to a compulsory portion: I offer you tailor-made solutions according to your wishes and needs.
Real estate law & real estate law

Do you need legal help when buying or selling a property or a piece of land? Do you have any questions about land register, land charges, heritable building rights, usufruct and easements? Or would you like to have your property purchase agreement checked for any defects? As a lawyer with experience in real estate and real estate law, I will help you avoid legal stumbling blocks and ensure that your transaction is carried out safely.
Tax law

Have you received an additional notification from the tax office and would like to appeal against it? Or do you need a qualified representation in an examination, assessment and assessment procedure towards the tax office? I am at your side with competent advice and representation and I protect your rights in relation to the tax office or tax court. In addition, I will accompany you during the application process for the issuing of binding information by the tax authorities, assess the chances of success of legal remedies or advise you on all aspects of tax returns.
International right

In the area of ​​international law, I advise you on the establishment of companies or companies abroad. I am happy to draw up service contracts and employment contracts or assist you in terminating such contracts. Furthermore, I can help you with claims against foreign companies or ward off unjustified claims.
Social security law

If you need legal support in legal proceedings before the social court, I am your contact for social security law. If you are denied a social benefit or if you have legal difficulties with receiving unemployment benefits, you should seek legal advice. I will check your claims for you and will support you with my legal know-how.
Weinhardt & Associates LLC

I offer you competent advice and representation in German law. The focus of my work lies in the areas of inheritance and family law, questions about citizenship, visas, residence permits as well as for companies and private individuals in the area of ​​German tax law and many other official matters.

In addition, lawyers are offered the service of working directly or discreetly in the background for their clients under German law. A large network of associated lawyers can cover the entire range of legal areas and, if necessary, you will also be supported by German-speaking American lawyers.

I work for companies, private individuals and law firms that have questions about German law. The languages ​​for correspondence are German, English and French. I offer my services throughout the USA and work closely with lawyers and tax advisors in Germany.

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