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Welcome to the American lawyer, Michael R. Jackson, Attorney-at-Law! Mr. Jackson represents clients from home and abroad in a variety of litigation matters in US state and federal courts. His work focuses on representing German-speaking clients in national and international civil litigation, including business and contractual disputes; Personal injury and unlawful death from an accident (as well as a car accident) in the United States; Claims for compensation for pain and suffering / damages; Medical liability; and real estate law. Mr. Jackson represents his clients in litigation in and out of court.

Mr. Jackson has multiple admission to the bar in the various bar associations of various states in the USA. These include Florida, New York, Texas, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. The application of the Pro Hac Vice doctrine (Latin: “for the occasion”) enables Mr. Jackson to operate in states where he is not licensed by the bar. This doctrine gives a court the power to grant a trial attorney admission in a state in which he is not officially admitted in a particular case. Through his admissions or by applying this doctrine, Mr. Jackson has appeared in person in court for his clients in the following states:

• Arizona

• California

• Colorado

• Delaware

• Florida

• Iowa

• Louisiana

• Massachusetts

• Minnesota

• Missouri

• New York

• Pennsylvania

• Tennessee

• Texas

Communication between a client and a lawyer is of great importance. The need for the precise and complete exchange of factual and legal information between the client and the lawyer is essential for the success of a case. For this reason, Mr. Jackson uses the Pro Hac Vice license in all states of the country that allow such a procedure (which is the case in most states) in order to support German-speaking clients in their legal disputes as widely as possible.

Mr. Jackson was born in Thailand, but grew up in Kiel, which is why German is his second mother tongue, which he is fluent in speaking and writing. Mr. Jackson graduated with honors from the University of Miami with a degree in business administration before enrolling in law at Tulane University Law School. In 1993, Mr. Jackson worked for a law firm in Vienna and participated in a program for European law at the Free University in Berlin. Upon completing his law degree in 1995, Mr. Jackson earned a Juris Doctor and a Tulane Certificate in Maritime Law. The fact that Mr. Jackson was raised and raised in Germany and has a first-class education in the United States gives Mr. Jackson a unique perspective and enables him to provide his national and international clients with in-depth knowledge and more than 20 years of professional experience with a committed one Offer advice and representation.

Mr. Jackson, as previously mentioned, is admitted to the bar in Florida, New York, Texas, Colorado and the Columbia (Washington, D.C.) district. In addition, Mr. Jackson is a federal member of the United States Supreme Court Bar; United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit; United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit; United States District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida; United States District Court for the District of Colorado; and the United States District Courts for the Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern Districts of Texas.

In addition, through his Pro Hac Vice admission, Mr. Jackson has obtained permission from various courts across the country to appear and appear on behalf of his clients in jurisdictions in which he is not admitted to the bar. In view of the fact that his clientele consists of German-speaking clients, this law firm offers individuals and companies the advantage of being represented by a German-speaking lawyer in jurisdictions in which they would otherwise have had difficulties finding such a lawyer. Communication between a client and attorney is paramount, and the need for the client and attorney to be able to accurately and completely exchange factual and legal information is critical to the success of a case.


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